Mittwoch, 17. April 2013

VASCA Radio - Episode 26

VASCA Radio powers up the V.A.S.C.A. studio and returns with a full house. Current events touches on morale in the United States military. Observations from a different perspective are offered when Current Events is joined by an active Staff Seargeant in the US ARMY. VASCA Radio welcomes musical guest, Ricktor Ravensbrück. Long time professional guitarist & songwriter; performed, toured, & recorded with Wolfen Society (No Fashion/House of Death Records), The Electric Hellfire Club (Cleopatra Records), Arc of Descent (Spit In Your Face Records), Rabid Captor (Red Light Records), Charlie Porn, and a host of others. Won local "best hard rock guitarist" award 1997-98, and WAMI award, best heavy metal band (AoD), 1996. MR. Ravensbrück shares the rare track by The Electric Hellfire Club "Age Of Fire" and discusses his many musical ventures, past/present and future. Pranks is joined by both our featured guests and offers a round table discussion on mischief. Listen in as Prometheus reviews the (2009) thriller, Law Abiding Citizen. VASCA Radio airs it's Hosts tracks of the week and slips into next time.