Freitag, 15. März 2013

Review: Tier Instinct - Vol. 3 R.I.P. Tier Instinct

Of all three albums Volume 3 - R.I.P. Tier Instinct is clearly the harshest & most indigestive release. While the first track She sets the stage for the grand cleansing ritual that is to take place, the following tracks present a roaring violent machine in motion. Tier Instinct's voice cuts sharply into the uncanny surreal soundscapes & the VASCA-concepts pierces deep into the auditory canals of his audience. This finds its strongest expression in the track Audience that exposes the hollowness of the zeitgeist & the consumer mentality. Audience is charged with a maximum of hate & contempt & culminates in the great destruction. Tier Instinct leaves the stage with his most personal work, in which he invites the listener to a ground-shaking & unforgetable visit to his inner world. His previous albums are revisited with Tier Instinct returning to the starting point like the Ouroborus & in all its facets R.I.P. Tier Instinct reveals itself as the true Gesamtkunstwerk it is. Like the end is at the same time a new beginning with the Ouroborus, a new cycle is sure going to be woven by this unsurpassed sound-magician.

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

VASCA Radio - Episode 25

Join VASCA Radio for the 25th anniversary show on Radio Free Satan.  Your hosts welcome the VASCA Agents and friends of the shows of past.  Many offer their thoughts and perspectives.  Hosts Prometheus and Tier Instinct welcome Warlock Zoth Ommog to the VASCA Studio.  We discuss his work as senior Editor of Old Nick Magazine, Fangoria Magazine and his many contributions to Death Metal.  On we delve and ask the good Warlock about his newest band, Danse de Sade and air their powerful track, Bourbon & Serpents.  Our pranks of the week offer a grimacing smile and Tier Instinct takes on the movie review.  Your hosts share their own tracks and reflect over 25 amazing shows on Radio Free Satan.  Look for some new formats and a few changes and keep the V.A.S.C.A. in high demand!