Freitag, 15. März 2013

Review: Tier Instinct - Vol. 3 R.I.P. Tier Instinct

Of all three albums Volume 3 - R.I.P. Tier Instinct is clearly the harshest & most indigestive release. While the first track She sets the stage for the grand cleansing ritual that is to take place, the following tracks present a roaring violent machine in motion. Tier Instinct's voice cuts sharply into the uncanny surreal soundscapes & the VASCA-concepts pierces deep into the auditory canals of his audience. This finds its strongest expression in the track Audience that exposes the hollowness of the zeitgeist & the consumer mentality. Audience is charged with a maximum of hate & contempt & culminates in the great destruction. Tier Instinct leaves the stage with his most personal work, in which he invites the listener to a ground-shaking & unforgetable visit to his inner world. His previous albums are revisited with Tier Instinct returning to the starting point like the Ouroborus & in all its facets R.I.P. Tier Instinct reveals itself as the true Gesamtkunstwerk it is. Like the end is at the same time a new beginning with the Ouroborus, a new cycle is sure going to be woven by this unsurpassed sound-magician.

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